The Version History

  The Latest Version  

20200711   (click to see the details)

  • Some layout changes

  • AI navigation improvement

  • Sound effect changes

  • Visual


  The Previous Versions  


  • Visual

  • Underground layout

  • Pickup positions

  • Many other changes here and there


  • Recooked




  • Recooked


  • Recooked

  • Add UT generic objective points for DOM


  • Recooked


  • Disabled the pickup base decals

  • Recooked


  • Rescaled the whole map to 115%

  • Changed the top vertical walls to another playable level for additional pickups and more coherent looks

  • Changed the bottom island from a simple layout to a more sophisticated structure allows the boots, the vest, the double healths, the vials, and the linkgun to be there

  • Added back the 3 ways jump pads but this time jumppads are only used between the two islands.

  • Tweaked the lifts to make sure they all serve fun opportunities

  • Blocked the path between the RL to the 50a (which was a vest before)

  • Cleaner materials for the building to give a modern style


  • Floating platforms on both sides are removed.

  • Pickups relocated, especially armors, health packs, powerups


  • Pickup relocation

  • Floating platforms changed

  • Some normal maps

  • Added some visual elements for the background


  • Background skybox, big planet with Saturn-like looks

  • Materials, meshes, collisions

  • Enlarged the whole map a little bit, from 2x (compared to the UT3 version) to 2.125x, to make the layout more comfortable

  • Layout modification for the jumppads and the teleporter


  • Textures and materials ported from UT3 version

  • 1st lighting pass

  • 1st rough playerstart pass

  • Weapon pickups

  • Armor pickups


  • Exported basic layout to the new UT

  • Lighting

  • A bit of inventory placeholders

  • Make sure this map can be played with the latest official new movement system of the new UT